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Sunday, February 18, 2007


and i'll keep you my dirty little secret.
11:53 AM


and i'll keep you my dirty little secret.
1:25 AM

Saturday, December 23, 2006

OMGOMGOMG. a miracle! :D
my blog is revived! hahaha xD

i decided to revive my blog cause i-don't-know-why i just felt like i wanted to hahah! okay cannot accuse me of pangseh-ing my blog now all you uhh taggers :D

anyway, been pretty busy and realllly tired lately! all because offff a certain school requirement that makes us do work attachments (yes, so boliao rights -.-) at a company/shop of your choice! aaand because i wanted a short but high-paying one i chose isetan katong, which is at parkway parade. and i live at guess where, yio chu kang which means likeee one plus hours of bus-riding to parkway! sucks laaaa stupid boring useless bus trips ): waste my precious time can! at least got 76 which is a direct bus xD

some of them don't even have tv mobile ): no more just for laughs! i miss watching just for laughs on 105's tv mobile on the way home from school hahah omg what a random thought :D but it's very stupidly funny okay! (:

anyway, i was supposed to work at customer services at isetan. which means to deal with isetan priviledge card, isetan credit card applications as well as gift voucher purchasing. and sometimes help out at the nearby cashier as a packer! :D omg i love packing lahhh can see what everyone else buys xD but i tell you ah 80% of the stuff bought is... (insert drumroll) lingerie. -.-

ohoh i made alottta new friends working at isetan :D alot of them waiting for o-level results or took n-level results already gng back to school once 2007 starts! all reallly nice and sweet people <33 uhhh there's kai1xin1guo3 amanda (my very first around-same-age friend i made!), winnie, audrey, wei chong, mas, si yinggg, angie and alot of them whose names i forgot woops :D

but then ah, cause customer services had enough people already! so they sent me & michelle (my cutesy-wootsey senior, whom coincidentally happens to be in the 54FDW cmps group :o) to work at mangoooo :/ it was pretty fun the first few days lah. but once you spend like 10+ days there, it really gets damndamndamn SIAN and you feel like killing yourself breathing in all the winter-season-clothing fleece and lint and stuff ><

next time when you go shopping and try out clothes or see clothes ah, mustmustmust fold back okay :D do the pooor staff a favour! yes i know they get paid to fold clothes but it would be really nice and sweet of you to fold back xD and the staff really appreciate it! cause it gets pretty frustrating at times when people just look at it for a few seconds then dump them everywhere ): JUST AFTER you folded it so nicely and perfectly.

this is especially true during sale periods man, when the whole shop just looks like a tornado's run through! ohhh if you didn't already know mango's now having their annual winter sale :D up to 50% off hahah!

i tell you ah, i can memorize the whole mango winter catalogue and each apparel's threadcount (okay maybe not haha!) already! fold clothes for like 10 hours everyday :/ ohoh btw, 3 people have stolen stuff from mango during the course of the saleeee. and they all kena caught! serves them right. didn't get to witness any of it lahhh, cause it all pretty much happened at the cashier/fitting room area and i was assigned to fold clothes towards the back/middle of the shop. ): so sadddd, would have been cool to watch!

zz okay my fingers damn tired leh! hahaha. anyway going for christmas outreach later at church wooots xD supposed to have work today but, i called for leave luh. i think they'll dock $80 off my total pay which is SIAONESS but i don't really care :D i'd much rather go for christmas outreach! anyway, tmr is my last day of worrrrk! as much as i hate folding clothes, i'll miss the people there! ): must get all their contacts/email adds! xD

oooh btw i'm going to hongkong from the 25-30 december yay xD can't wait to try their famous mango pudding thing from shui liu shan or sth like that and egg tarts anddd dim sum omg xDD haha omg i'm damn hungry now. and go shoppingggg xD

zzz my fingers really damn tired this post really SUPER LONG hahah! XD shall go now tooooodles xD God bless!

anddd uhhh MERRY-EVE-OF-EVE-OF-CHRISTMAS everybody! xD so sad i won't be in singapore for christmas ): but i hope the christmas spirit in hong kong's good xD

p.s. recommend me places to visit in hk leh xD i know alotalotalot of people are gng hk maybe i'll meet someone i know hahaha!

and i'll keep you my dirty little secret.
11:14 AM

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Broken promises
But you don't really mind
It's not the first time and you know it
Don't you know
Tell me why it is you only smile inside
But when you break me into nothing
Don't you know
It's not like I haven't tried over and over again
Stupid fights, wrong or right

I remember when you came with me that night
We said forever, that you would never let me go
But here I am again
With nothing left inside
Know I don't wanna
But I gotta let you go

You're the one mistake I really didn't mind
So beautiful, unmerciful
It took me down
Too little and too late
See now I know your kind
You fake it easy just to please me
Don't you know
It's not like we haven't tried over and over again
Sleepless nights, wrong or right


I gotta let you go
It's you
There's nothing I can do


damn sad and meaningful song.

i love You! (:

and i'll keep you my dirty little secret.
4:47 PM

Sunday, November 12, 2006

woah i'm amazed :o didn't know so many people will read my blog haha! anw shall blog about saturday! :D

went for snp aquatics in the morning haha! haven't gone for such a long time oops (: was quite okay, john and siew leong are so super cute pls :D peiqi and isis taught him to say PRETTY after each of their names LOL xD when i tried to do the same, he said chelsia BAO! cos apparently chris keeps calling him char siew bao and he mistook my name for char siew ): okay nvm v sad!

then went to starbucks at ps to buy a yummy hot cappucino! v shuang to drink on rainy, cold days! wanted to buy a caramel frappe damn shiok! but abit ex and plus cold one so abit not suitable haha! then went for church xD missed everyone there 2 weeks nv go cause sick ): so qiao both weeks weekend get sick eeee.

ahah anyway gemma ward is damn chio! <3 charm doesn't think so but NYEH she is okay! and thanks ah must lend me the devil wears prada (:

she's damn damn chio can i think she's the chioest model ever! i know alot of people don't agree but HECK! (:
many many more pics at the i love gemma ward gallery! v v v chio ahah oops i'm turning les :D

wlao i really really really dislike you. eurgh can you stop being such a nag and leave me alone.

today = sunday! went out with family for lunch at din tai fung! yay we ordered xiaolongbaos (supersuperyummy!), fried dumplings, pork ribs, beef la mian (also verynice), shrimp & egg fried rice (another very nice dish!), and this yummy pickled veggie thing! xD damn damn damn shiok ahah i love din tai fung's xiao long baos can :D better than crystal jade and whatever imperial restaurant okay!

after that, i re-watched the prestige at gv :D i finally understand it or at least most of it ahah damn confusing la can! and it's not a bad show actually. butbut i really wanna watch these movies!

step up! :D heard from other ppl it's v good! (:

casino royale 007 :D hope it's as nice as the other 007 movies but the bond guy is damn old can -.- and the girl also! wlao ):

happy feet :DD haha okay i know i v kiddy but the penguin trailers are uber cute can! (:

anyone got nice songs send me :D my song count stands at 920 now! v pathetic compared to last time my 2k plus ahah xD

oh something to add i wore the pretty white belt xy and jessie bought for me as belated bday present tdy! for the first time :D v nice thanks again love and miss you both v v much! <3333 off to do website for special friends now tata :D thanks for tagging everybody!

nike's white&gold cortez sneakers (: damn chio right! i waaaaant!

replies to tags (:
timothy: haha hello :D no la i meant you tagged at 2:09 am la! w+g cortez wansui! (:
elisha: ahah gta is v fun okay :D graphics v good abit sadistic but fun haha! lol elisha obvly the movie right! haha anwww i bet it's screamo and i hate screamo emo songs ):
zeslene: harloww girl (: miss you lots! yay squash camp + farewell (:
charm: hey telepathy girl! :D ahah okay lend me tdwp okay! and when are we gna have another project id sleeepover hee! xD v fun! yes babe we will pwn colorado woooot! (: the rockies and colorado springs really v v nice! saw a few shoots in the prestige very very nice (: i can't waittt!
evelyn: efoo :D how have you beeen! see you at squash camp babe ;)
vanessa: haha i miss group 1 tooooo ): let's have a group 1 outing HAHAH!
chennay: ahha okay girl :D thanks! haven't seen you in aaages!
shaun: hey thanks for tagging (: and playing literati w/ me this hols v fun! but v brain draining ): cheer up okays! :D
xiaodi: hahah! okay lor it's me lor! really v sian but hols also v sian so they match :D so must blog during hols! (: and i know you secretly visit my blog everyday cos you love me alot (: STUPID FRIENDSTER damn hungry la! ):
tiankai: HAHA :D thanks for tagging okays! (: yaaa i read your blog too okay i v nice one anw you cannot be emo already k! cheeer up xD you will find one okay trust me (:
john: hahah! :D thanks! i'll increase the size as you considered haha you consider alot can! didn't know you thought so much (: so philosophical! gh3y boy chad michael murray is hotter than channing tatum! anyday (:
baoying: ahah eeee i bet you tell her (oops i mean him!) not to tag one right! ): stupid bao! okay la bao v v nice thanks again for the pweety belt! (: maybe i'll consider having you as my xiao lao gong if you treat me to cai baos! :D
i miss you so much <3333 hope you're enjoying yourself! thanks for the sweet smses k (: love youuuu can't wait for friday :D
phew alot of tags :] thanks again! <3 i shall be motivated to blog tmrr hee!

and i'll keep you my dirty little secret.
7:01 PM

Saturday, November 11, 2006

lalalalaa :D new blog! after overtheskies.blogspot.com dieeeed. see la holidays very boring nothing to do so resort to blogging! but yay i'm v happy cause charm lent me oth season three so can hardcore tmr yay! (: and candice told me youtube also got oth episodes haha i didn't know! so next time no need to bug charm if i wanna rewatch oth! nowadays been doing nth much besides watching oth, smallville, surfing blogs, eating alotalot, sleeping like a pig, playing audition, cake mania (lol!), gta: san andreas, fifa'07, top spin and sims 2 on ps2, listening to music, doing sudoku (don't laugh haha!) and talking to people on msn! zz very no life can ):

i really love project id :D we (except sam who couldn't make it) went to smu for the my son, jonathan documentary screening! shan't comment on anything haha. anyway we ate yummy thai express for dinner and ms grace (who always bully meeee) treated us to gelare ice cream and waffles for supper yumyum :D ahaha anyway damn funny we laugh at all the silly random things project id is really the siao! haha i love all of youuuu. charm our unglam leader, sarah the shortie who makes weird noises, denise kooka who's totally blur, xiaodi pleakley who's from yong an primary, hongye the funniest randomest ever, and sam the glamest of us all! :D

bleh i tell you sureeee i'll be lazy to blog after this post sure confirm one haha! i also dunno why i made this blog in the first place! i miss my beloved tablemates jessie darling, bao and vanessa! and antheaaa dear! and my beloved squashers michelle, huiwen, zeslene, eveee, xiaotong, yuwen! and my darlings at tm412 vinna, kris, minghui, wynn, gloria, deborah, and how come i suddenly rmr silly hannah loke haha! miss all of youuuu laaaa ): and you toooooo six days is damn damn damn long v saddddd.

lalala off to zz soon! v sleepy tmr still got aquatics! and make-a-splash rehearsal! oops i feel veryvery bad now haven't gone for aquatics in a longlong time! and when i reach home tmr and on sunday must hardcore do cmps :D alot of things to do! we got beeeg plans kay (:

and i'll keep you my dirty little secret.
1:53 AM

chelsia (: fifteen! christian <3 060991 virgo rafflesian hadlian ex-hpps 6a'03 109'04 209'05 303'06 403'07 project id! squasher speo aquatics bcc tm412 :D
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